The wooden windows we offer meet three fundamental requirements that are demanded from the similar products: they provide the most effective insulation, guarantee safety and let us keep calm atmosphere. Creating our windows we combine best-quality wood with sublime technology. Processes used in the production like thermal processing, layered stucking and impregnation make that the wood is extremaly durable. Our wooden windows are fire resistant and have received level 1 safety certificate.

Super passive wooden windows WWLHOUSES

NEW!!! 4 glazing (Low Uw-0.6)

The new window is designed to provide customers with the highest satisfaction when it comes to energy-savings, the modern design of the windows and responds to stringent market requirements.

Outwards opening windows

Outwards opening, or Scandinavian type, windows are made according to a durable Scandinavian experience and technologies in production of wooden windows, applying the appropriate profile.

Inward opening Wooden Windows

Wooden profile 92 is a profile intended for law-energy or passive buildings. It is a massive profile that has great thermal-insulation properties and is also designed for large glazing dimensions thanks to its thickness – 92mm.

Wooden windows with aluminium cladding WWLHouses

Wooden Windows+Alu cladding

WWL wood-aluminium windows are made of raw materials featuring the highest quality and are easy in maintenance, while a wooden frame secures a cosy atmosphere inside the room.

Old window replacement. (In one day)

Changing your old wood frame windows to new ones, without damaging the internal or external finishing around the window.

WWLHOUSES sliding doors

Sliding doors

Offering excellent performances along with a large range of flexibility in design and features the 92 profile sliding door range is vastly used for domestic and commercial purposes.