The 92profile lift & slide doors is WWL Houses’s best selling range of sliding doors. Offering excellent performances along with a large range of flexibility in design and features this sliding doors are vastly used for domestic and commercial purposes.

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The massive, 92 mm thick profile, laminated with selected wood – pine, meranti or oak (on request other wood species) provides excellent stability.

Waterborne, man friendly varnishes and impregnation applied in a separate manufacturing process, ensure the longevity of the four-layered window profile.

When combined with the warm glazing packages and intelligent fittings, we obtain a window of one of the highest thermal performance available on the market.


  • Energy efficient
  • Safety and security
  • Solar heat absorbent
  • Design versatility
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • High durability


Glazing layers

Sound reduction (dB)

Fire resistance (min)

Expected service life in years

Only engineered timber is used to manufacture WWL windows and doors. This provides superior strength, stability and a knot-free finish – qualities for which our products are renowned.


The quality finish of WWL timber windows is obtained using highest quality ecological spray applied, water based, micro-porous finishing system. The finishing coat is elastic and moves together with the wood as well as lets the wood breathe.

A wide variety of RAL and stain colours are available to meet our customers’ requirements. All of our paints and lacquers are environmentally friendly, ecologically clean and harmless to the environment.

Available combinations of window colour:

  • lacquer both sides;
  • lacquer one side and RAL colour other side;
  • RAL colour both sides;
  • different RAL colour on each side.

The right glazing can save you money, keep warm air in, protect your home and regulate light and temperature. Homes across the world differ in their local climate, construction materials, orientation and size. Moreover, each window of that home has a different purpose. Bathroom windows need to provide light and occasional ventilation but cannot be see-through. Skylights should provide maximum light but pose little risk for forced entry. Patio doors however should be large, offer maximum views but be difficult to break. Modern glazing offers solutions to each of these needs both alone and in combination.

Triple glazing
Laminated Safety Glass from the Outside
Laminated Safety Glass from the Inside
Sound Insulation Glass

As the market-leading innovator of the Lift & Slide ope­ning method, GU boasts an unrivaled range of Lift & Slide hard­ware offe­ring excel­lent ope­ra­ting comfort, reliable bur­glary pro­tec­tion, variable room ven­ti­la­tion, and ease of assembly.

  • Gears for sash heights up to 3250 mm
  • Out­standingly smooth and quiet move­ment of sliding sashes
  • High bur­glary inhibi­tion as a stan­dard thanks to robust hard­ware compon­ents
  • Extra bur­glary inhibi­tion by means of optional secu­rity compon­ents
  • Delightfully easy ope­ra­tion even of large and heavy sashes thanks to the perfect inter­play of func­tional compon­ents such as bogies, drive gear and turn handle
  • Wide range of optional access­o­ries to enhance your home comfort
  • Turn handles for con­ve­nient ope­ra­tion in appealing designs
  • Turn handle options:
  1. Ope­ra­tion inside or on both sides
  2. Removable handles
  3. Aluminium Painted White, Brown or Silver, Stai­nless Steel & Polished Brass ver­sions
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Glass dividing mullion– Wooden bars separating and supporting window panes.

Duplex with externally applied glazing bars– the decorative glazing bars are glued onto the glass panes from both sides plus there is an aluminium spacer bar between the glass panes which makes the glazing bar look very real.

Externally applied glazing bars– the glazing bars are glued onto the glass panes from both sides.

In-between glazing bars– Glazing bars inside the glass unit.

“Trimvent” vents all give optimum airflow. Specifically developed to improve indoor air quality.

  • T-bar deflects air up and down.
  • Aluminum ventilator, canopy and grill.
  • Fully gasketed for increased performance on TVSW, optional on TV90.
  • Use with external canopy or flat grill.
  • Various air opening sizes.
  • Unique linkages ensure constant friction and smooth action.
  • Patented and registered design.
  • Special colors available on request.
  • Cord control version available.

What is Secured by Design?

To answer this question simply, Secured by Design is a police initiative that strives to improve the security of both new and existing homes in the UK. Established in 1989 the initiative was developed to improve overall security in both the design of the properties and through the use of enhance security products in their construction.

I know we need to comply on our development so how do I ensure windows & doors comply with Secured by Design?

Firstly, windows and doors need to be independently tested by a UKAS accredited test house to meet the requirements of the security test PAS24:2012 or PAS24:2016. Secondly your window and door supplier must be a Secured by Design product licence holder; whereby both the products and their production are third party certified being regularly audited to ensure specifications manufactured continue to be as tested. Always check your supplier can provide a Secured by Design licence number and certificate.

How does the PAS24 test ensure my windows and doors are secure?

A series of tests are carried out under the PAS24 test regime, these include; a manipulation test using small tools such as paint scrapers and screwdrivers to attack the product, glazing removal test using chisels to attack the glazing infill in an attempt to remove the glass and mechanical loading and impact resistance tests whereby impact is imposed on the doors hinges, locking system and to the body of the door leaf or opener of the window in an attempt to gain entry.

For windows and doors to pass this rigorous testing regime enhanced security features are necessary; features such as; robust frame sections, TS007 compliant door cylinders, laminated security glass to BS EN 356:2000 P1A on easily accessible windows with non-key locking hardware and external doors and TS003 compliant door chains.


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